How do you create the life you truly want?

Is everything you want attainable?

Two years ago, I wouldn’t have answers to these questions; two years ago I was headed down the traditional path, college, career, family, career, retirement, etc.  This was all I thought I wanted.  But that was the issue, I never thought I could have more.  If you can’t imagine and think about more, you will never have more. 

What Exactly Changed?

I began visualizing opportunities and projects that I never imagined could ever be my reality.  The more I spent thinking about it, the more I began to realize how attainable everything I truly wanted is. 

Must You Obsessive Over Something To Attain It?

My family would argue that I was obsessing over building a tiny house for two years before any real progress was made, but when it’s your idea and vision that you are “obsessing” over, you won’t see it that way.  You believe in yourself, it’s as simple as that.    

So How Do You Do It?

You dream, you brainstorm, you create lists of ideas, you envision the life you want,  You create vision boards.  You speak as if you already have the position.  You act like you drive the car.  You educate yourself as much as possible.  You tell everyone you can about your vision.  You journal.  You accept all opportunities that come your way and know that they are the universes’ response to the vibrational frequency/vision you are putting out.


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