Living Life Through Intuition


I feel inclined to share a more personal blog post this week since my 21st birthday just passed and it feels appropriate. I’ve been on an alternative path my whole life but since high school it’s be something I’ve consciously chosen.

I just have this knowing within me of what is right for me and I tend to follow my instincts. When it came to deciding to become a forest therapy guide, it was after a walk that all the sudden I was like this is what I want to do. I never looked at any more research or understood what exactly I had to do or that there was a 6 month practicum before certification! It was something that felt right and authentic to who I was becoming.

Similarly, I was receiving an astrology reading from one of my mentors and she told me about an astrology program. I looked it up and immediately thought, I need to do this! I signed up and knew after the first class that I wanted to commit to. It wasn’t until 6 months into the class that I realized it was a 3 year certification!

This has been a theme in my life; never having an exact or specific reason to go besides that it felt right in my body, mind and soul. Every experience has felt extremely intentional and well thought out even tho it hasn’t been based in concrete reasoning! So far the last few years this is how I’ve been functioning! Trusting what my intuition tells me and running with it! Taking immediate and authentic action.