New Moon in Libra >> 10/8/18

New Moon in Libra.png

This new moon in Libra is pulling us away from the outward focus and fascination. The sign of Libra calls up many questions, what did your soul sign up for?, what am I doing?, why am I here? It is the blazing light of transformation and aids you in tuning into the love that you are.

Under the influence of this new moon we can easily get caught in the false self and basing our understanding of ourselves and what has meaning on outward perceptions of us. It’s a pattern of feeling and knowing yourself from the outside. It can be challenging to budge from your favorite pursuits and if one does not heed the advice they will be confronted with painful realizations until they are forced to turn around. 

This new moon is offering us an opportunity to turn inward. To tune in with what gives us most joy and happiness. Questions to consider.

  • who am I? 

  • Would I feel the same or do the same if nobody was watching? 

  • Are my opinions and views based on my person opinions or opinions I’ve heard from others? 

  • What stands in between where I am and where I want to be?

Now’s a time to re-evaluate what YOU are passionate, what ideas YOU want to explore, 

This is your life and you need to live it. Take time around this full moon to be alone before plunging back out into the world with new-found inner purpose.

Annabel O'NeillComment