What Can I Give vs. What Can I Get

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When you hear about an experience or opportunity what is the first thing think? Could be logistical but often it’s focused around what we can get. There’s nothing wrong with receiving something from your experience but it can take over your life in a negative way. 

Changing Our Thought Patterns

Instead of thinking, what can I get? Ask yourself, what can I give? This simple task changes how you look at situations. It’s not about saying yes to every opportunity, but it’s looking at the opportunities you say yes to, differently. It helps change how you prepare and the thoughts you think prior to whatever it is you are doing. 


The question of what can I get, leads to thoughts of validation and anxiety surrounding what you have to do before receiving anything. You can get caught up in the fear of others expectations. Instead, if you already know you have something to offer, then whatever you might be getting in exchange (i.e. money) is a second thought. What you have to give, is who you are, which is always valid and something others can benefit from;  the money is a by-product of you offering your gifts to the world. 

Stay humble and exploit your gifts to the world! 

Much love,


Annabel O'NeillComment