Connection | Forest Bathing, Astrology + Sacred Circle

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I was first introduced to forest therapy at a Festival and way blown away by the community connection that happened on the walk, in addition to the nature connection. 

Being Given a Voice

It wasn’t until I began my journey to become a forest therapy guide that I realized how special and different this form of connection was. We all sat in a circle, a taking piece was passed around and EVERYONE had an opportunity to share whatever they were noticing and experiencing. Nobody was interrupted. You had the space to share whatever you needed to without judgment. This experience was new to me. Throughout school I was labeled the quiet one. I had things to say but never felt people were hearing me, so I reverted to listening. My understanding of connection within a group dynamic was my school experience until I found forest therapy. 

The Ripple Effect

Since my forest therapy training this form of connection has rippled out into every part of my life. I've felt heard and seen in ways I never experienced before. While I still feel that some people I talk with aren’t listening to what I have to say, I’ve realized it’s important for me to say it anyway, for myself and for the possibility that the other person might listen. 

Deep Connection

During an in-person astrology gathering, I experienced something even deeper. Prior to coming, we were asked to come baring a dark gift we wanted to transform. This dark gift represented a struggle or challenge you were currently going through.  We all met, sat in a circle passing around a talking stone and within two hours we had all shared our gifts. I was instantaneously connected to everyone else in the room. We were no longer strangers. We had just witnessed each person sharing their deepest and most vulnerable demon they were currently facing. As much as I had my own struggle, it was as though I took on everyone else’s and they took on mine. We were no longer facing it alone; We had a community of people holding space for our individual journeys. 

It was within these two similar circles that I realized that I was doing the work my soul came here to do. 


This type of connection fosters transformation and growth. It made you to feel deeply connected to nature and the human condition. I found myself surrounded by growth, honesty and authentic love and compassion. That combination is all a human being could ever ask for. If I could live in that connected environment, believe me I would!

Making the Connection

Since these experiences, I’ve begun the journey of bringing deep connection to more people. The goal is to have a forest bathing/astrology retreat planned for 2019 where connection is at the heart of the experience. 

Remember - You are doing the best you can! 

Much love, 


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