Moving On. Something Better is Waiting For You!

This post was inspired by a an experience I recently had for a second time that reinforced my initial thought that I need to move on. There are better places to spend my time and energy!

Being Self Aware 

Part of moving on is realizing that you want to. It’s important to have a reflective practice, whether that be creating art, writing or walking in the woods. When you are in that uncertain space, I invite to ask yourself a few questions. 

  • What are you grateful for?

  • In what spaces do you feel you can be most yourself? 

  • What do you look like when you are energized and feeling good? 

  • What do you look like when you are unmotivated?

  • What type of spaces do you find yourself in when you feel unmotivated? 

Moving On

Often once we’ve realized that the right thing to do is to move on - we have those conflicting feelings. Why? Likely there were things we in that space that we did love. So you are losing something that was both beneficial and challenging. I invite you to welcome both of those feelings in and give yourself time and space to process. 

Something Better

There’s a reason you feel conflicted—part of who are doesn’t feel safe or welcome in that space. Know that you are releasing something that is no longer needed to make room for something better. Something more in line with who you are. 

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