Full Moon in Aries >> 9/24/18

Full Moon (1).png

  This full moon is extra special for me. On average we get 2-3 full moons, in our lifetime, that happen on our birthday and this Harvest Moon in Aries happens to be on my birthday, September 24th. I’ve been looking forward to writing this one for a few months now. 

  This full moon will illuminate your uphill battle against your own self value. You know what you need to do and yet you repeatedly choose actions that go against the vary nature of what you know is ultimately true. The persistent nature of this has the ability to keep you deep in your perils for an extended period of time, yet through the process of illumination we have the ability to bring the this pattern to the fore front. Once we are self aware and can see our pattern, we have the ability to overcome it. 

  This full moon has to do with owning your life and actions. Often we expect others to fix our issues or take ownership that they were wrong and ultimately we must face our own challenges. Nobody else is responsible but you. Now is a time to own your past and current actions and make a conscious plan for how you want to allow this to dictate your world. 

  There is a beautiful world out there! The world you desire, the world you are know is yours and we must learn to get out of our own way in order to immerse ourselves in what we know is right. 

Journal Prompts 

What is a repeated feeling you keep encountering in relation to the situation in life you are in now? 

     Are there specific opportunities that are continuing to hold you back?

Are there specific opportunities that you constantly find inspiration from?

Are there ways you can optimize your time better? Can you create a reward system for yourself that could encourage this?

Much love,