9/9/18 New Moon

New Moon.png

Here we are at the new moon about to embark on an energetic journey, a new beginning. When you tap into the energy that is present during this time you have the ability to spring yourself forward. This is a good time to reflect on your past goals and reprioritize. 

Moon in Virgo

This new moon brings forward the idea of “right use of,” whether it be right use of money, right use of time, right use of relationships. It’s opportunity to reflect on how you are using your power and an opportunity to realign with what is rightful. This Virgo energy helps us make distinctions; we seek realness, honesty, belonging and self-understanding. She brings the editor to life and aids us in looking at what nutrients we truly need. It’s a time to claim what belongs to you. You must learn to hold tight to what is yours, otherwise you can get drowned out by the many choices, faces, options and voices that have the ability to come to life over the next 29 days. 

This moon brings dualistic energy, the polarities. She can bring feelings of overwhelm to those of us who haven't claimed our power, our rightful power and with so many perspectives, conflicted thoughts and ideas, it doesn't take much to get into a negative space. I invite you to use these journal prompts to help you during this new lunar cycle. 

Journal Prompts

  • How do we do things right/rightful? What is rightful masculine power? What is rightful feminine power?

  • What adds meaning and value to your life?

  • Can you remember an instance(s) where you knew what needed to happen before that something happened? Write about that.

  • How can I use my time better and more effectively?

  • What nutrients do I need to be happy?

  • Am I holding my integrity in high regard? How could I improve?

The key is to transfer our mental design of what we’re doing into action, into an expansion that is rightful rather than hyper-extended. Don’t over expand.