Star Bathing

Star bathing is about reconnecting to what literally gave us our sense of direction and purpose thousands of years ago. It’s about meeting the stars, the darkness and ourselves. It’s an opportunity to open ourselves and our senses to the world directly around us, before looking up and connecting to the stars. In our current society, most of us feel seen but not heard. Star bathing mostly done in community, honoring and allowing space for each of us to share our experience and stories, while in darkness.

Our ancestors spent most of their time outside, in connection, community and communion with nature and the stars. Through locating different planets, most notably the North Star (Polaris,) they were able to figure out the direction they needed to go to reach their destination. 

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The universe is alive, everything that moves had a soul. Celtic cultures believed that what you saw in the sky was a reflection of what was happening on earth. Life was interconnected in every way. They worked beneath the sun and bathed in the night-time sky. Nights would be spent in circles, sharing stories about the stars, which were used to preserve their culture, while instilling moral values and beliefs.

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We all have dark gifts. There are things in life that have challenged us or cast shadows over our lives. It can be easy to throw in the towel, to give up the fight, yet star bathing was created with the intention to physically allow you to not only see the stars but how it might change your perspective on your own darkness. “Light cannot shine without darkness.” It is through our stories, experiences and difficulties that we are challenged to change, those of us willing will shine brighter.

What can I anticipate to experience?

  • sharing circles

  • nature connection

  • star gazing

  • improved focus and attention

  • feeling part of something bigger than yourself

Lots more to share on this topic and I look forward to sharing more of my passions and what has helped me in the future.

Much love,