Writing My Life Story


I’ve often wondered what I wanted this blog to be about and over the last several months I’ve realized that I want them to be real and honest depictions of life. So whether they be topic based or whether, like today, it’s more about sharing a piece of my story… ultimately it’s about creating something people can relate to, gain perspective and understanding, something people will read and find enjoyment, peace or whatever they might need to hear.

While it might sounds funny that a 21 year old is “writing their life story,” what even would your life story be? You are so young? Why don’t you wait several years and write it when you can related and understand it better? The responses I’ve received have varied, some supportive, some not. Where the judgment comes from is a place of societal expectations as to how and when someone has the respect and authority to share their story. Which I feel is always and all the time. Telling our stories is one of the most basic human necessities. We have a need to feel seen, understood and respected for our life choices and experiences, and a need to help others by sharing what we know and understand to be true.

Why do I feel it’s important to share my journey now? There’s a power and relatability in sharing our stories right as or right after they are happening. The story becomes more real, more authentic, the words flow easily and the advice feels straight from the heart — instead of the heart and mind.

The initial hurdle I had to work through was feeling like my story was one that needed to be told. Why is my story different or more important than others? The truth is it isn’t — but the choices I’ve made have allowed me to have my unique experience which feels relatable, necessary and something others could benefit from.

What I’ve been working on for the last few months is a book, temporarily called Courses of My Life, 4 Years of Self-Guided (or Inspired) Learning. The idea behind it is to document and share the 4 years after high school, which would have been my years in college, and share my experiences, challenges, tips, assumptions and of course my stories that have shaped and created who I am today. Topics will included — finishing my tiny house build that I started in high school, becoming a caregiver at 19, discussing money, age, privilege, making videos, travel, solo travel as a female, meaning of life, forest therapy and how nature is the best bridge to take you from where you are to where you want to be, why we need depression, cold thermogenesis, importance of sunlight, relationships and family, biohacking, veganism, searching for home, freedom and choice, star bathing, astrology, plant medicine, social media, BluLight, EMF Radiation, appreciation, manifestation, journaling and my advice to anyone whether they are in high school, college, working, taking care of a family or retired.

As I have lived all this and it feels clear to me, it’s only when I sit down and write, that I see and feel what has/is really going on. Writing has been a source of therapy. It’s given me clarity when nothing else has. So as I continue to share my story of the last 4 years and what it’s given me, know that you too have a story to tell, you too have thoughts, ideas, experiences to share with the world. Whether you chose writing, filmmaking, painting, poetry or teaching know that your story is needed and valued.

I will most definitely in years to come share my story with different words and likely a different perspective, but what I’m experiencing, feeling and writing now is worth while, it’s part of my journey and how I was feeling during a specific moment of my life.

Much love,