30 Day Minimalist Clothing Challenge

The fastest way to an unfulfilling life is lack of growth. When we aren’t growing life quickly becomes meaningless and robotic at times. So these challenges, in general, are ways I can continue to push my idea of what I need, what is essential in my life and ultimately find the balance and consistent purpose and productivity that I long for.

This 30 day minimalist clothing challenge was a blast. I thought it would be difficult but after the first couple days I began to love the ease that permeated my life. You don’t think of your clothes being a big decision throughout your day and for most they probably aren’t, yet they are still a decision. The less meaningless decisions I have to make the better and the more decision I make that will eliminate future decisions, even better, making roam to make the important decisions.

At the beginning of May I made a decision that I was going to exclusively wear, a white tank top, grey t-shirt, grey sweatshirt and black jeans, which made it so that for the next 30 days I had no decision in terms of the clothes I was going to wear. In a certain sense it just become a part of my life, like my decision to be vegan.

There’s a bit of irony in this challenge as I had to purchase clothing to become a “minimalist” for the 30 days. I spent $150, so that I had enough of everything to wear without having to do laundry everyday. But regardless, a month after my challenge and almost everyday I have continued to wear the same things. So the investment wasn’t wasted on one challenge and I really did and do love what I bought.

A huge part of why I was able to transition so seamlessly was because of the books I read just prior to starting and during, the main two being Essentialism by Greg McKeown and The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. The importance of immersing yourself in whatever it is that you might be trying to challenge yourself to or change in your life is key. You always hear you can’t eat what you don’t buy… I see this also as a perfect example to state that you can’t change what you aren’t thinking about. Reading books or talking to people is a perfect way to keep those thoughts percolating in you.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, I recommend watching it, as well as reading those two books.

Much love,

Talk to you soon <3