Learning to slow down & notice #forestbathing


There is something about time spend in nature that restores our mind and body. I have never been on a walk or sat somewhere in nature and ended up feeling worse than when I started. Almost always, I feel 10x or even 100x better.

Our minds are powerful and society is exploiting our human emotions and capabilities to make the most amount of money off of the resources you give away for free, your time and attention. Every second we get we fill it with a quick glance at our phones. We are never bored and always simulated by something outside of ourselves.

Spending time in nature reminds us of the simple things, engages all of our senses and decreases stress levels. Our mind slows and our awareness grows. We notice not only what is going on within us but also within our environment. 

I decided during the month of May that I would do a 30 Day Forest Bathing Challenge. Here is a video about my experience.

Nature is the missing ingredient in your life.

Nature is the best prioritizer.

Nature is the bridge, taking you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Take some time today and get outside and simply notice, without any agenda, what is happening within you and the environment.

Some forest bathing resources to kickstart your journey of nature connection…