Maximizing Consistency

As I sit here attempting to write, I have my grandfather interrupting me to my right, the TV with the US Open on to my left and behind me my mom and sister in law are working on a sewing project… Multitasking and learning to be productive amongst everything else that is happening around me is something I’ve mastered. I’ve learned to work with what I’ve been given.

It can be easy at times to think, I’ll be a filmmaker when I’m done caregiving or I’ll have time to write my book once I have my own place. But in reality if I’m not taking every little opportunity I can to maximize my productivity doing the things I love than they really aren’t a priority.

I’ve also taken this idea too far. I’ve expected productivity when for multiple days in a row I had only had 2-3 hours of sleep. What I’ve learned is that self-care comes first. If you need a nap, take it. But if you spending your time tiredly watching TV and then complain of not having enough time, that doesn’t work.

We all have our days but I’ve implemented as many routines and habits that maximize my consistency.

Daily nature connection, journaling, reading, sunrises and cold plunges is what keeps me going. Implementing routines for success that work for you will make all the difference.

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Sending you lots of love.

Thank you for being here.

— Annabel

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