As someone who has traveled many paths I felt that offering mentoring as well as readings would allow me to help you differently. From creating self reflective and empowering practices, to my journey through the college decision process (ultimately deciding college wasn’t for me,) to creating an online business — providing me with financial abundance and traveling the world, I will provide you with a wealth of experience, knowledge and support.

Why do you want a mentor?

Mentors aid their mentees in learning many valuable lessons. Finding a mentor can help in your own personal growth. It of course is fun and exciting to delve into a task or adventure all alone. There is so much empowerment to be found in solo tasks, solo adventures, or solo projects.

However, with a mentor, you are able to gain knowledge on things you may not have known and be pointed in the right direction. They provide you with that extra set of eyes and ears we all need to see where we can improve in our own lives.

Mentors are someone you can trust, lean on, bounce new ideas off of, and help in creating new connections. Finding a mentor serves as a huge benefit to your personal growth and point you in the right direction to help you succeed.

What are the benefits?

  • An opportunity to reflect on your own ideas, practices, and goals

  • Improves Self-Confidence

  • Provides Impartial Advice & Encouragement

  • Assists with Problem Solving & professional development

Who is this for?

  • those who need someone to hold them accountable for their ideas

  • high schoolers with college decisions ahead

  • entrepreneurs and badasses looking to take their business to the next level

  • those who are looking to transition of location dependent to location independent work

  • those who want someone to listen, hold space and help their personal development

Interested in booking a 30 minute or 1 hour call?

Send me an email if you are interested in learning more about long term mentoring opportunities.