Soul Level Astrology

Soul level astrology works to develop the awareness of your unique nature, who are you at your core and what your soul is after. This is an opportunity to understand and resolve your past, become more aware of our present and to create the future you want to live. We work with timing cycles to maximize the energies that are flowing through during this specific period of time, which helps to valid the way you may be feeling and creates the space for greater transformation to occur.

How did it come to be?

Heavily influenced by the foundation Ellias Lonsdale gave him, my teacher, Mark Borax, founded Soul Level Astrology in 1987. 

    "Guided by a dream he [Ellias Lonsdale] had of Atlantis, a couple hundred of us midwifed a new form of astrology called Star Genesis, which assigns different ruling planets and houses to the twelve signs of the zodiac. Over two decades… I’ve found it to be a profound source pool of mystical knowledge of the ages, reconstituted for our time. It casts astrology in a whole new light that for me goes much deeper than previous versions.”  ~ Mark Borax 

Ellias wove in his understanding from Rudolf Steiner, a philosopher, social reformer, architect and esotericist. All his dreams, channeling and studying of Rudolf Steiner, came together in what he called the 12 lifestreams.  


A birth chart is to be seen as a living being. This astrology calls us again and again to rediscover what every aspect in the chart are, as they pertain to you. We learn how to authentically discover the unique core of each individual human being through their birth chart.

The work of Ellias Lonsdale and Mark Borax have allowed me to tune into the unique core of my being and reveal this powerful gift within me, that I now able to share with others. 


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