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One connection away…

Annabel O’Neill



One connection away…

... from finding your tribe.

from trusting your intuition, exploiting your gifts, building bridges, creating communities and changing the world!  

there are people out there looking for the exact medicine you can offer…
so put yourself out there and trust, you are just one connection away! 


Upcoming Events

Forest Bathing Retreat

Throughout the 4 days, we will come together to support and encourage each others journey into becoming our true and authentic selves. During our forest bathing walks we not only encounter the forest, but “through the many mirrors of nature, we also encounter ourselves” (Amos Clifford.)

Join 12 other people as we come together - inspiring authentic relating, compassionate living and nature connection.



Soul Level Astrology Readings

Soul level astrology works to develop the awareness of your unique nature, who are you at your core and what your soul is after. This is an opportunity to understand and resolve your past, become more aware of our present and to create the future you want to live. We also work with timing cycles to maximize the energies that are flowing through during this specific period of time, which helps to valid the way you may feel and creates the space for greater transformation to occur. Learn more about my teacher, Mark Borax, the history of this form of astrology or book a reading.



Blogs, Videos & Products

“She’s at peace and yet somehow on fire.” ~Samantha King

I’ve always been someone who takes action, explores my passions, and takes steps to achieve whatever goal I have set. Here is just a few of my creative endeavors!


9 Non Fictions Books That Will Change Your Life

Non-fiction books play an important role in teaching us valuable lessons that we can apply to our lives. Here are 9 non-fiction books that are sure to change your life after reading.

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Annabel has made 350+ videos over the last 4 years — ranging from her tiny house build to travel, minimalism, business, manifesting your dreams and much more.

“…through the many mirrors of nature, we also encounter ourselves.”

This deck is aimed to assist you in discovering more about yourself, reconnect with the earth, but most of all it’s an opportunity to explore your curiosity and notice yourself and your environment. 

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Coming in December…

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Hosted by ANnabel O’Neill

This podcast will be dedicated to interviewing industry leaders who have committed their lives to topics such as, nature connection, astrology, plant-based lifestyle, business strategies, investing, travel, following your dreams and manifesting what you desire most.




Join the Community


Before I started my tiny house build, more than 5 years ago, I wanted to create a community… a sustainable tiny house community. But it was only recently that I realized that creating an online community would allow me to help more people reach their potential.


There is nobody out there in the world like you! This community will to help you deeply accept and love yourself more, while also holding you accountable and encouraging your growth. We will support and encourage each others passions and goals — trusting always, that we are one connection away. One connection away from achieving our dreams! 

The Membership Will Include 

  • Exclusive videos (more personal) + Q&As

  • A safe space & community of people

  • Journal Prompts

  • Nature Connection Invitations

  • Book Suggestions/Continued Education

  • 15% off discount on everything I ever produce, this includes retreats and other special events

  • Affirmations/Meditation Guide

  • Entrepreneur/Business Resources

  • Exclusive Astrology Lessons/Talks

  • Live Streams

  • Meet Ups

  • Guidance & Support 

  • Private FB Group 

Be first to learn when the community is released

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.
— Mark Twain