Following the Moon + Creating a Ritual

There are different ways in which we can connect with the natural world. I’ve talked about forest therapy/forest bathing but today I wanted to share another passion of mine. I’ve been studying astrology for over a year and a half, part of a 3-year Soul Level Astrology Certification. What I’ve discovered is that astrology is another form of getting to know yourself and aids you in getting to the core nature of who you are and why you came here in the first place. While this has added so much to my life, I haven’t shared it yet because I hadn’t taken the information and made it my own. Now I have and can’t wait to share. 

If everything is made up of matter, which is energy, wouldn’t it make sense that planets have different effects on us depending on their position_.png

Following the Moon

It’s nice to know when that potentially challenging time could come or which time during the month is best for me to start new ventures. This is what following the moon provides. 

The Moon as a Planet

When we talk about the moon we are entering an emotional and mystical realm. It’s as if the moon can’t see and all you can do is feel her way through. She holds our patterns and past, yet she also has the key to releasing those habits. It is through imagination that the transformation can happen. She fosters deep reflective consciousness and asks us to continue to unearth our hidden selves through all of our senses. 

Affirmations to Tap into the Moon

I trust my feelings to tell me what’s happening.

Help me see through my deepest illusions.

Bring others to my assistance and may I assist them as well. 

Attune my mystical body to the greater cosmic forces. 

New Moon

The new moon brings fresh energy, a new beginning. This time is best for cultivating your goals and starting new projects. It’s the fresh, sprouting energy, that has the ability to spring you forward. This is a good time to reflect on your past goals and reprioritize. 

From New moon to full moon is a process of manifesting those intentions you set. 

Full Moon

The full moon is about illumination. It shines a bright light on everything around you—positive or negative. It intensifies energies, heightens the activity of your mind, which makes remaining calm and directing that energy all the more important. The full moon opens and unlocks things that you may have overlooked. The moon shines brightest when full, which also creates some of the most dramatic and dark shadows, offering us the gift of perspective. You see all the good in life, while equally tapped into the dark gifts. 

From full moon to new moon is a process of harvesting the seeds you planted at the beginning of the cycle. 

Creating a Ritual

Creating routine or ritual within anything is extremely important and with this it’s no different. Having some me time around the new and full moons allows you to make more conscious connections with the energy that is present. 


  1. Light some candles

  2. Journal - what are new intentions I want to set?, what I three things I want to prioritize this month?, what am I grateful for?, what can I give?

  3. Sage & Crystals - Depending on how into it you are, this might more than you are looking for! But burning incense and sage is really nice. Sage has been used for thousands of years to purify and cleanse people, places and things. Crystals have a high frequency and can be added to your ritual in various ways but you could start by holding one in your hand as you write.


This is just the beginning. I am looking forward to providing more resources and personal experience with you over the next several years. 


You are whole! You are beautiful! You have unlimited potential! 

Much love,