8/26/18 Full Moon

Full Moon.png

We are learning how to navigate the dark waters. We feel ultra sensitized to what seems to be happening. This time can feel overwhelming because we are tapped in lost worlds under the surface of existence. Yet, this full moon in Pisces is also about play. How can we tap into our inner child? To live in the presence moment, to notice, to feel, to smell, to follow our curiosity wherever it leads.  We must strip life down to what is, rebuilding our foundation and rooting ourselves in what it means to be home. This moon reveals simplicity and essence—providing you with an unbiased ability to see.

There are treasures hidden in the depths but we must dig away the karmic layers (habitual patterns/masks) before arriving home.

Journal Prompts

How can we align our ordinary life with our long term intentions? 

Where is home? What does it mean to be home? 

How are you linked to everything around you? 

What is your deepest source of love? 

Love from this full moon to next!