Because I wonder

I’ve been thinking, a lot. Thinking about my life, how I bring meaning to my own life, others and the world. What it is that I can offer? What is it about me that is unique? How am I different? How am I the same?

I had an interaction recently that made it crystal clear that what I have to offer. My ability to name things, to open to things and share exactly where I am allows others to step into their truth. It’s been a slow realization that there is nothing that I NEED to do or be, all I have to do is be myself, show up and own who I am in this life.

I share this because snippets like these are humanizing and important. It’s hard to always stay motivated and clear in our lives. There are more distractions than ever before, but stay calm, seek the darkness, venture into the woods because it is in places like these that we grow the most. Growth is what keeps us moving.

Much love,


Annabel O'NeillComment